Varla Eagle One (Best Valued Electric Scooter of 2022) – 40 MPH E-Scooter

This is the Tesla of electric scooter. Varla Eagle One can go over 40 miles per hour speed, has a range of 40 miles per charge, features 2000W motors and can easily go off-roading. This electric scooter is a perfect commuting vehicle for many people. Varla is a highly rated company and the Varla Eagle One is built like a tank. This scooter won’t disappoint you.

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When people ask me what I like the most about my Tesla, I tell them that it is electric, it is faster than other EVs, is really powerful, features regenerative breaking and has a long range. Varla Eagle one checks all those boxes for an electric scooter. It is insanely powerful, has a long range of over 40 miles and can go over 40 miles per hour speed while providing regenerative breaking feature. At around 80 pounds, this isn’t the easiest scooter to carry around but it goes to places that no other scooter can go. This is not a typical commuter scooter that we review in this channel, this is a high end scooter that packs some of the most powerful components in the electric scooter industry.
The varla eagle one packs dual 1000W motors which means 2kW of instant nominal power available to you at all times. Those motors peak at 3.2kW total, which is a lot of power for an electric scooter. The insane amount of power is good for many cases including hill climbing. If you live in an area with decent size hills, a regular commuter scooter will not make it through the hill or even if it does, it will significantly slow down. We tried the Varla Eagle one in many different hills and this one for example has a significant grade and it went through the hill without loosing any speed or power.
These powerful motors allow the Varla Eagle one to reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. That is very comparable to much higher end scooters like the Dualtron Compact which is priced at over $2,500. Varla Eagle one does come with a hefty price tag of currently $1,699 but if you compare it with other high performing electric scooters in the market, Varla eagle one is actually priced much lower than those scooters. Typically electric scooters with the spec of the Varla Eagle One are priced over $2,000.
The Varla Eagle one has a 52V 18.2AH lithium ion battery. We typically only see 36-48V batteries on these electric scooters, so that 52V power really allows this scooter to concur any terrains and sufficiently provide power to those high performance motors. The 18.2AH capacity is also significantly larger than the typical 6-14AH we find on these scooters. The large capacity allows the Varla Eagle one to travel up to 40 miles of range. The range varies by factors such as rider weight, wind, terrain and temperature and also if you are riding in single vs dual and eco vs turbo mode. Riding just in eco mode with single motor would give you the most amount of range. I was able to get anywhere from 30-35 miles in various speed modes during the Winter time and I hope to get more range in the summer. That is another reason this scooter is perfect for commuting as it doesn’t require frequent charging. Speaking of charging, it comes with a dual charting port, allowing you to double the charging speed by connecting two chargers at the same time.
The varla eagle one has 10” by 3” inches pneumatic tires. These large all terrain air tires provide excellent traction and much better than solid tires. I have the standard road tires on mine and this setup sufficiently allows me to take this scooter off-roading. However, it can also be fitted with offroad tires that Varlas sells specifically for off-roading experience. Even with the regular tires, you can take the Varla Eagle on dirt road, sands, gravel and more.
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