Apollo Phantom V2 Unboxing Experience

Apollo Phantom V2 Unboxing Experience

The most anticipated electric scooter of 2021 just got even better! Let us know your favorite V2 features in the comments below.

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The Apollo Phantom V2 is one of the most anticipated electric scooters for 2021. After the original Phantom V1 revolutionized scootering in Australia, the V2 is the next generation of this electric scooter. Its impressive performance and top-notch upgrades make it unlike any other e-scooter on the market. But, what’s so special about this new model? Let’s take a closer look at the Apollo Phantom V2.

Apollo Phantom V2 Price

The Apollo Phantom has plug-in components for the cockpit, and it has pneumatic tires mounted on split rims. Ultimately, this design provides the best balance between ease of maintenance and ride quality. However, its most noticeable feature is its hefty price. This electric scooter will run you about $1000. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can learn more about the Phantom in our APOLLO PHANTOM V2 review.

The fold-down mechanism is a major strength point. While most electric scooters use single-layer aluminum tubes for the frame, the Phantom’s neck is made of two-layer aluminum. This means it can take quite a bit of pressure and not wobble. That’s great for high speeds, light off-roading, and hard braking. In addition, the folding mechanism is one of Apollo’s biggest points of pride. Unless it’s solid, you’re liable to have wobble in the neck.

While the Phantom’s upper range threshold isn’t possible to exceed, it can be done with the right riding style. It can reach that threshold if you ride economically. The Phantom features handlebar-controlled rear turn signals and dedicated brake light for braking. You’ll be able to ride comfortably for a few miles in single motor mode, but you’ll likely find that the mileage range is much lower than the maximum.

While the Apollo Phantom offers plenty of performance and is relatively lightweight, it’s not as portable as other electric scooters. The batteries used in this model are not as powerful as those in other models. Its battery is made of a Chinese manufacturer, so they don’t match Samsung or LG cells. The Apollo Phantom’s range is only about 70% of what it claims. If you are riding for long distances, this electric scooter could be the perfect choice.

Apollo Phantom V2 Electric Scooter Features

The Apollo Phantom has some great features, including its powerful dual 1200W motors and quadruple spring suspension. It’s also one of the best-selling electric scooters in the U.S. and is sure to continue to be popular for years. But what makes it so special? The Apollo Phantom has a unique suspension system that sets it apart from many of its rivals, and it’s a marvel of engineering.

The extra-wide tire of the Apollo Phantom is especially impressive. The tyres are 3.25 inches wide, which gives it more grip on the road and makes it easier to corner. These large tires also help maintain a natural posture and minimize the risk of falling. They also offer a generous amount of ground clearance, so you can easily get around town on them. This is great for urban riding, but it may not be ideal for off-road use.

The Apollo Phantom battery is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand over 500 charge cycles without compromising its performance. It can be recharged up to three times a week and still remain full capacity for almost three years. You can also purchase a fast charger separately, which will cut the charging time in half. Just be sure not to over-charge the battery as it may affect its life span.

The Apollo Phantom’s performance is impressive, with dual 1200W motors, enabling it to reach 38 mph. This is comparable to other similar scooters, like the Nanrobot D5+ and Dualtron Eagle Pro. The range is impressive as well: the Apollo Phantom can handle up to 40 miles on an off-road course, and under 46 kilometers in city conditions. In short, it is the ultimate urban mobility scooter.

Water Resistance

The main feature that sets the Phantom apart is its official water resistance rating. Most manufacturers overlook this detail, but the Apollo Phantom has an IP54 rating. While this does not mean the scooter is waterproof, it still allows for safe riding in light rain. It also has plenty of lighting on both sides. In addition, the Apollo Phantom is very easy to maneuver, allowing you to commute easily to work or to school.

Apollo Phantom Warranty

The Apollo Phantom comes with a generous warranty. The scooter is covered for 12 months against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover dangerous or improper use, but it does cover labor costs. The scooter is also covered by a 30-day warranty, and the manufacturer covers electrical components and labor. This is a fantastic feature. So, how does the Apollo Phantom stand out from the competition? You can read on for more details.

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