Apollo Phantom Review: 500 Miles Later (40+ MPH Electric Scooter)

Apollo Phantom Review: 500 Miles Later (40+ MPH Electric Scooter)

You’ve decided that you want to ride the new Apollo Phantom V2. But how do you choose the right one? We’ll discuss its Build Quality, Ride, and Performance. Then we’ll discuss why it’s the best choice among its competitors. We hope you’ll find this information helpful. And don’t forget to read our Apollo Phantom V2 Review! There are some great features of this scooter that you’ll definitely enjoy!


If you’re considering buying an electric scooter, you may be wondering about the Apollo Phantom’s folding mechanism. Unlike other folding scooters, the Apollo Phantom’s neck is made of two layers of aluminum. This ensures a high degree of precision. You can also choose between different settings, such as display brightness, measurement units, start style, and acceleration strength. In addition to these, the bike has a key-lock ignition, which is a great theft deterrent.

The Phantom features a proprietary display with P-settings, which can be accessed by holding the up/down directional buttons for about 3 seconds. The directional buttons also change the value. The Apollo Phantom comes with best-in-class lighting and dual disc brakes. The scooter’s rated weight capacity is 300 pounds, so even tall riders can comfortably ride it. If you have any questions, consult the user manual for more information.

This EV scooter has a record of 500 charging cycles. While this limit may seem high, it’s not impossible to exceed this, as long as you’re riding economically. You can reach the upper range threshold by setting your motors to single mode and avoiding aggressive riding. The range is 25 miles, but you’ll likely reach a limit somewhere in between. Just remember to ride smart and you’ll have no problem!

Build Quality

The Build Quality of the Apollo Phantom V2 is exemplary, as the company has developed the scooter from scratch, ensuring the highest quality of construction. As a brand, Apollo has a zero tolerance policy against fake reviews. This means that any review written by an employee of the company will be true to its word and should not be edited in any way. The company is also committed to ensuring that all units shipped after September 1, 2021 will have the latest generation of the Phantom.

The Apollo Phantom V2 is a high-powered electric scooter, which offers numerous upgrades over its predecessor. Though slightly heavier than its predecessor, it still boasts outstanding build quality and performance. Its dual-motor design ensures a fun, thrilling ride for riders of all shapes and sizes. However, this scooter is only 1.2 pounds heavier than its predecessor. You should consider these factors when determining whether the Apollo Phantom V2 is a good investment for your money.

Ride Quality

The Apollo Phantom V2 is a performance scooter. It weighs 77 pounds and is designed to be portable and fold easily for easy storage. The scooter has a sturdy frame measuring 51″ long, 27″ wide and 49″ tall. This provides a stable platform, even in the event of an accident. Unlike some scooters with tubed tires, the Apollo Phantom has split rims for added strength and durability.

The Apollo Phantom’s quad spring suspension system means that each swingarm is equipped with dual shocks. Each shock is surrounded by rubber bump stops to smooth out the suspension travel. It also has a low ground clearance, a mere 7 inches. Despite this low ground clearance, the Apollo Phantom delivers a comfortable ride for riders of all sizes and weight. Its high-quality, dual-motor suspension system provides a thrilling experience regardless of size or weight.

The folding mechanism of the Apollo Phantom is a great feature. It’s convenient to transport. The stem locks into a cutout in the footrest. It’s designed with a claw-like hook that pulls the stem flush to the folding platform. It’s also secured by a plastic collar that wraps around the folding handle. A safety pin is positioned on the handle to prevent the frame from folding in on itself.


The new Apollo Phantom features Quadruple Spring Suspension that provides the best shock absorption, a 160mm dual disc regenerative braking system, and a rear footrest. It also comes with a triple lock folding system and a built-in bag hook. The high-mounted LED headlight is a nice touch, as is the rear footrest. The Apollo Phantom also features a HEX display to provide riding stats, including remaining mileage and battery level.

The Apollo Phantom is one of the most impressive electric scooters available, and the company is continuously improving it based on user feedback. The company made changes to address some of the main problems riders have noted, such as the leaning of the scooter when folded or parked. The Apollo Phantom’s folding mechanism is another area where the company takes great pride. The folding mechanism is a critical part of any electric scooter, and poor quality mechanisms can lead to a wobbly stem.

The new brakes on the Apollo Phantom V2 are an impressive improvement over the old Nutt hydraulic system. The new brakes were tested to stop the vehicle from 15 mph in 10.4 feet, which was 0.2 feet shorter than the V1 Phantom with Nutt hydraulic brakes. They have the same huge 160 mm rotors, but the Phantom V2’s brake pads are revised to provide improved stopping distance and resistance to squeaking.


While portability isn’t its strongest point, the Apollo Phantom is an excellent option for urban commuters. This electric scooter is lightweight, folds in half, and features an ergonomic handlebar design. It comes with a wide range of features, such as a steering wheel, brake, and throttle, and offers intuitive controls on both handlebars. While the Apollo Phantom’s folding mechanism is simple, it does keep its quality and precision high.

The Odyssey Phantom has a 1000-lumen headlight and two additional lights on the deck to light up the road ahead. The headlight is so powerful that it illuminates 7-8 meters in front of it, while the front lights, and turn signals, provide a heightened sense of safety. Moreover, the Apollo Phantom is street-legal and is safe to ride during the night. Despite its portability, it comes with a high feature set, including real turn signals and a 1000-lumen headlight.

The Apollo Phantom’s deck has deep grooves and texturized silicon for added grip. While it isn’t overly flashy, its white color is durable. This isn’t included in the free upgrade kit, but it will be available as a spare part. The Apollo Phantom weighs 77 pounds and measures just under 51 inches (127 cm) long when folded. The Apollo Phantom’s handlebar electronics are simple plug and play.


The new safety features of the Apollo Phantom V2 have helped riders avoid accidents and keep them on the road longer. With a 1,000-lumen headlight, two front deck lights, handlebar-controlled rear turn signals, and a dedicated brake light, the Phantom is extremely visible from all angles. The Phantom is also equipped with a bell switch and an angular HEX display panel that displays the NEXT-gen status, battery voltage, and light status. It also provides trip mileage and cruise control functionality.

The Apollo Phantom comes with a user-friendly navigation system that enables the user to control the speed and acceleration levels of the scooter. It also comes with a cruise control function, allowing the owner to adjust the amount of acceleration they want to experience. The Apollo Phantom is also equipped with a variety of riding modes that give riders the option to customize the experience to suit their needs. The safety of the Apollo Phantom V2 is an important consideration, so check out our safety video to learn more about this model.


When it comes to folding mechanisms, the Apollo Phantom V2 has one latch and a single locking ring. It also has split rims to eliminate stem flex. The Apollo Phantom is the culmination of three previous design phases. Throughout these phases, the company was able to upgrade and improve the original design. This culmination led to the most complete scooter available in the market today. The Apollo Phantom’s build quality is also excellent.

The HEX controller acts as the gateway to the P-Settings menu. Pressing up and down together for 3 seconds will take you to the settings menu. The directional buttons cycle through 17 preset settings for display brightness, measurement units, start style, acceleration strength, and more. The HEX display also features key lock ignition to deter thieves. Overall, the Apollo Phantom V2 scores an A-.

If you’ve been waiting for a new electric scooter, the Apollo Phantom V2 is a great place to start. Its unique suspension system and high-quality aluminum stem help the Apollo Phantom V2 perform well on the highway. The V2 throttle has excellent controls and can be installed easily by yourself. It’s also a great way to upgrade your single motor scooter. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated electric scooter, the Apollo Pro might be a better choice.


The Phantom V1 threw down the gauntlet with the most complete feature-set we’d ever seen, an all-new scooter. Enter the Phantom V2: with even better build quality, smoother performance, and updated commuter-friendly features, the V2 is an exceptional all-arounder, maybe the best all-arounder.

It has the speed to keep up with traffic, even uphill. Unique, quad-suspension that takes mid-corner bumps with confidence. The best tires you’re going to find on any production scooter. Rockin ergonomics and a super bright high-mounted headlight, meaning you’ll have one less thing to carry with you riding at night (no external lights required).

It’s a comfortable, intuitive ride, one of the most complete packages right out of the box, and most importantly: it’s just really fun to ride.

The Phantom is exceptional with amazing build quality, solid performance, and commuter-friendly features suitable for riders looking to jump on their scoots every day. You’ll feel comfortable driving with traffic when needed, taking bumps and corners on the quad spring suspension, and have less to carry with you riding at night (you won’t need all those extra lights!).

If you can wait and want blazing, rubber-burning speed, the 60V Phantom Ludicrous is ridiculously fast on top of the complete feature set that you’re getting with the Phantom (no matter the power).

For the past months, the Apollo Phantom has been my main electric scooter. I’ve clocked more than 500 miles on it and tested it in all kinds of road conditions and benchmarked its performance with pro-grade GPS gear. After countless hours of testing, it is time for my full review of the Apollo Phantom.
In this video, I share exclusive data such as hands-on top speed, acceleration, range, and braking tests as well as talk about the issues I’ve encountered along the way and the things that have happened with the Phantom since its initial release. If you’re on the hunt for a +40 MPH electric scooter, could this be the perfect match? Find out here.

00:00 – Intro
01:48 – Speed & Motor Performance
03:32 – Range & Battery Performance
05:37 – Portability
06:45 – Ride Quality & Suspension
09:33 – Build Quality & Safety
14:23 – Final Verdict

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