Varla Scooters Reviewed 2023

Whether it`s for commuting or for fun (or a little of both), the Varla electric scooters will get you where you`re going

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American producer of top-quality electric scooters Varla Scooter, has been described as the most reliable scooter brand for people who want a great all-terrain ride.


The amazing scooter brand that has Recommendations from over 200 professional scooter experts. It has utilized modern, innovative technology to offer riders the most affordable and efficient electric scooters that provide smooth navigation without creating a space in the pockets of their patrons.


Based on the founder of the company, Ben, Varla Scooter was developed in order to supply electric scooter riders with the most cost-effective all-terrain experience that would enable them to take in the adventure and freedom of the open air while doing it in an environmentally and economically eco-friendly way.


If you want to know more about Varla Scooter models, keep cruising on down this page.


Eagle One

Varla Eagle One reviwd2

1000W X2
Dual Hub Motor

Per Fully Charge

40 MPH
Max Speed

Eagle One Pro

varla eagle one pro review

1000W X2
Dual Hub Motor

Per Fully Charge

45 MPH
Max Speed


varla pegasus new

500W X2
Dual Hub Motor

Per Fully Charge

28 MPH
Max Speed

Best Varla Scooter Models In 2023

Varla Eagle One Pro

The Varla Eagle One Pro is among the most powerful electric scooters on the market today. This new electric scooter comes with a frame that can support up to 330 pounds of weight.


The Varla Eagle One Pro comes with a powerful battery that promises up to 35 miles of range on one charge. All of these attributes are what makes Eagle One Pro an admirable electric scooter. But, as with all E-scooters that are designed for performance this is quite a heavy machine.


The Dual 1000W hub motor on the wheels can provide the peak power output of 2600W, which is powered by 2x30A speed controllers, maintaining the optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.


Varla Eagle One Pro does come with a very impressive power unit. The scooter’s 60V lithium-ion battery is capable of storing up to 27Ah of current (a 48.35% increase in capacity from the base model’s 18.2Ah battery). That’s more than enough energy for a 30-mile ride.


Varla Eagle One Pro has a top speed of 45mph. It’s the advertised maximum speed, however. Factors such as the weight of the rider wind direction, battery power remaining, the type of terrain, etc. can influence the speed of the electric scooter in actual conditions of riding.


The Varla Eagle One Pro is available in both mechanical and hydraulic brake options. I strongly advise that you purchase the version with hydraulic brakes as it might require less maintenance than the former.



−Very high battery capacity

−2600W peak power

−Cables from the handlebars are routed through the scooters stem

−Amazing Large Display

−Minimal Stem Wobble Thanks to In-built Damping


−Quite heavy scooter

−Recharging this e-scooter from empty to full using only the charger that comes with the unit can take up to 14 hours. You can purchase a second charger as using both charging ports can cut the e-scooter’s charge time to around 4-5 hours.



This model is designed for those who need to move between different riding conditions and terrains. For the typical outdoor person it will move smoothly between tracks and maintain a similar comfortable level of comfort.


Eagle Pro is also good for those who weigh more because it doesn’t give the power go as many commuter scooters do when carrying a bigger load. It’s powerful and might not be suitable for new riders. For any experienced rider, this scooter is a great choice and a bargain considering the specifications.


Motor Size: 1000W X 2 Dual Hub Motor

Battery:60V, 27 Ah Lithium-ion Battery

Max Rider Weight: 330 lbs

Single-Charge Mileage: Up to 45 Miles Per Charge

Motor Size


Max Rider Weight

Single-Charge Mileage

1000W X 2 Dual Hub Motor

60V, 27 Ah Lithium-ion Battery

330 lbs

Up to 45 Miles Per Charge

Varla Eagle One

This e-scooter is slick, stylish, and packing a serious punch when it comes to performance and ride quality. The Varla Eagle One is up there with the Apollo Ghost as the best entry-level performance scooter.


Flaunting an inky black body with metallic red accents, it not only looks the part but is equipped to handle the most demanding on and off-road environments with ease.


From buttery-smooth adjustable suspension to a generously sized deck, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes that can stop at a dime, the Eagle One rivals more expensive models. It is, pound-for-pound, one of the best value electric scooters ever made.



−Suitable for riding on almost all types of terrain

−Dual hydraulic brakes

−Can tackle 30 degree inclines with no issue

−Wide deck is comfortable and inspires sturdy footing


−No mobile app

−Deck covering doesn’t offer sufficient grip in wet conditions

−Long charge time without fast charger



An all-terrain beats that can climb 30-degrees of inclines with incredible ease, has an amazing distance of 40 miles, and can reach speeds of up to 40 MPH to beat the competition.


Motor Size: Dual, 1000W hub motors

Battery: 52V 18.2Ah Lithium-ion battery

Max Rider Weight: 330 lbs

Single-Charge Mileage: 40 miles

Motor Size


Max Rider Weight

Single-Charge Mileage

Dual, 1000W hub motors

52V 18.2Ah Lithium-ion battery

330 pounds

40 miles

Varla Pegasus

Long Range & Solid tire City Commuter Electric Scooter. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to commute to work or school, want an easy way to get around town with your family on the weekends, or are just tired of being stuck in traffic, Varla Pegasus could be the perfect electric scooter for you.


With the power of the dual motors, the Pegasus can reach speeds up to 35 mph. This is the usual speed in most urban areas, making this usable in city streets where electric scooters are legal for city commuting.


The Varla Pegasus is priced to be a fun low-cost dual-motor. The fresh style, including the teal-colored swingarms and silver accents, and large tires, make it stand out from the crowd of black-coal scooters.


The Varla Pegasus Scooter offers a solid commuting or weekend riding experience—especially given its relatively modest price. While not packed with bells and whistles compared to other scooters, it comes with a few welcome rider aids, which improve the value it offers as well. 



– Dual motor of 500W each, combining in 1600W max output

Large LCD display can be seen in daylight

– Solid rubber tires are low maintenance and puncture-proof

– Can climb across slopes of up to 25-degree inclination

– Dual suspension for comfy rides on bumpy rides

– Safe and smooth dual disk brake system



– You can’t attach a seat on it if you want to

– There is no app compatibility to it for locking/unlocking

– Required tuning out of the box



The Varla Pegasus is for the person who worries about flats and cringes at the thought of having to change a flat tire on an electric scooter.


If you need the power of a dual motor scooter to tackle hills during your commute that has speed and range in an affordable package then you should consider the Varla Pegasus.


If you don’t care to go over 30 mph and are not very handy, the maintenance free design of the Pegasus will meet your needs. It’s a unique scooter with a great display and it will stand out from a sea full of all black scooters.


Motor Size: Dual 500w Hub Motor

Battery: 48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery

Max Rider Weight: 250 lbs lbs

Single-Charge Mileage: 28 Miles

Motor Size


Max Rider Weight

Single-Charge Mileage

Dual 500w Hub Motor

48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery

250 lbs

28 Miles

Varla Electric Scooter FAQ

Are Varla Scooters Any Good?

Definitely, yes. The Varla scooter brand has Recommendations from over 200 professional scooter experts.  For starters, the scooter comes with powerful dual motors rated at 500W to 1000W with 2600 W peak power. These powerful motors are sufficient to carry a weight load of 250lbs to 330 lbs, though Varla recommends it to riders weighing up to 265 lbs to retain efficiency.


What Does VARLA Stand For?

Venture——If you want to venture out, we will be your best partner.
All-terrain——With Varla scooter, you can conquer all-terrain in a trendy way.
Rambler——Be a rambler, admire out of surprising views on the road.
Limitless——You can go wherever you want, with no limit.
Action capability——No matter what questions proposed by you, we will act immediately.


What’s The Fastest Varla Scooter?

Varla Eagle One Pro. Eagle One Pro has top speed at 45 mph.


Can The Varla Scooter Get Wet?

Most of IPX4 electric scooter can be used in the rain. Even though, we are not recommended that ride electric scooter in heavy rain. For example, Varla Eagle One is IP54, so it can resist dust and prevent water splashing in all directions.


How Heavy Is The Varla Pegasus?

Weight 66 lb
Folded dimensions 48 by 25 by 20 in

What To Look For When Buying Electric Scooter?

Most scooters that fall into the budget e-scooter class are not recommended for anything but minimal or light recreational use. At this budget price point, expect under-powered motors, low capacity batteries, and weak brakes.


However, you can find some excellent and very functional electric scooters in this category. They are worth taking a look at if this fits your budget.


Like cars, motorbikes, pedal bikes, electric scooters have their own qualities as well as technical specifications which sets them apart.


So before buying your first electric scooter – the key things you should think about include:

  • The quality of ride
  • How powerful the scooter motors are
  • Whether the scooter has one or dual motors
  • The scooters battery capacity and charging time
  • The maximum load the scooter can take and more!


Ride Quality

The quality of the ride is extremely important however how crucial will be determined by your personal preference and what you want to utilize the scooter for. The quality of ride is affected by many factors like the size and type of wheel and suspension, weight of the scooter and the size of the deck as well as the width of the handlebar and the stem.


The main factors that affect the ride quality are suspension and tyres.


Motor Power

Power, also known as “torque” is ultimately how the motors’ power can generate in response to a variety of aspects. The torque is vital since it determines the ability of the scooter to accelerate. If you’re making a purchase driven by speed and power and acceleration is essential, then you’ll need a scooter that is more powerful (with greater control features).


Power and Torque can be a factor for the who are power hungry. You should accelerate to 30,40,50,60 mph as fast as you can – but it’s important to note that torque is a crucial factor in commuters too.


If you purchase an electric scooter that has a low  WATTAGE output It is likely to be very weak in torque. This is especially true when the electric scooter has only one motor.


Battery Capacity And Charging Time


The average electric scooter charging time is 5 and a half hours. Most consumer-grade electric scooters will take between 3 and 8 hours to get fully charged. The scooters with the shortest charging times take less than 1 hour to charge. The scooter with the longest charging time will take more than one full day to charge.


Also keep in mind that SPEED is a factor that needs to marry up with battery capacity – the faster you travel, the shorter your range will be.


For heavier riders Battery capacity of 10ah minimum recommended


The Maximum Load The Scooter Can Take And More

In general – heavier riders should opt for scooters with motor power exceeding 500w to ensure their scooter provides sufficient power to scale inclines, equally lighter riders should consider the implications of buying a heavy scooter


Buying an electric scooter has many considerations – your weight and height should also be one.


Taller riders may find short stem scooters uncomfortable to ride, heavier riders may find lower power scooters struggle on inclines, lighter or smaller riders may find big heavy scooters unwieldly to ride and transport.

Electric Scooter Advices - Pro Tips

Scooters are electric vehicles, that being said there are some things you should and shouldn’t do when you buy one. In the first place, if you’ve not been on an electric scooter before and you’re hesitant about shelling out for one, you can try using a rideshare service. Companies such as Lime, Lyft, and Bird allow you to purchase an electric scooter for not much it’s a great method to try out the waters.


Wear a helmet. Do I need to say more? Protect your noggin.


Check your local laws. Electric scooters are legal in the area you reside? If yes, what’s your maximum speed limit? Are you required to ride in the bicycle or bike lane? In the last two years, scooters have become popular in a variety of cities. It is likely that your city or state has set out guidelines for riding these vehicles.


Don’t make a charge for your scooter at night or during times when nobody is at home. The manuals of a variety of scooters I’ve tested advise the identical. The chargers and batteries aren’t all alike. comes with a UL certification for security, and I’ve heard numerous incidents of batteries burning. Always stay close when you’re charging your scooter, and disconnect the charger when it’s done charging.


Make sure to stay clear of rain. It is important to test your scooter to confirm that it is registered with official IP dust and water resistance ratings. If not, you should avoid riding in rain. If there’s an rating, it’s recommended to leave the rain as quickly as possible. Most importantly, do not connect the charger without cleaning the charging port and making sure that the port is dry.


Don’t store your escooter in excessive temperatures. Extreme cold and extreme heat are not ideal for batteries. Keep your battery indoors in a dry, cool area, much like the breakfast food you eat!


Only one rider Please. If a manufacturer has explicitly stated that an escooter is able to be used by two people at a time, only one rider must be riding on the deck. These scooters can be quite quick, and you don’t have to exceed 20 mph in order to cause an accident that is serious. It’s important to verify the weight limit of your scooter.


Find out the manufacturer’s maintenance as well as repair services. Before buying an all-new scooter, make sure to make sure the manufacturer has spare parts or can fix your scooter in the event that problems occur. It is possible to connect with your local escooter and ebike shops to determine whether they’ve worked with the brand you’re considering with.


Do not leave your scooter outside unattended. Scooters can be difficult to lock, so it’s likely to be obvious that they’re extremely easy to take. Bring them inside if you have to be, but keep them out of the reach of your eyes if you don’t wish to return home without a with a helmet on.